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Snowball’s Commitment
to People and Our Planet

Snowball Print Marketing Inc. represents momentum, which we build through sustainable business practices. We are a print marketing partner who will support and build impactful engagement opportunities. 

Responsible Supply Chain

We want to make a difference and are committed to transforming the print marketplace. We focus on People, Profit, and Planet Supply Chain. We commit to sourcing the highest post-consumer waste recycled content in all sourced materials. Snowball vendors’ are encouraged to achieve Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Certification and to be ranked among Canopy’s Blueline Ranking. This guarantees print solutions sourced through Snowball Print Marketing Inc. will be accountable, ethical, and responsible. 

0 +
Trees Saved
0 k+
Gallons of Water Saved
0 m+
Pounds CO2 GHG Saved
0 m+
Millions BTU's Energy Saved

*2018 results only. All calculations were made with the Environmental Paper Network Calculator.

A company's reputation is based on the consumer perceptions of the firm's corporate social responsibility efforts.
CSR reputation 42%
Consumers willing to pay higher prices for goods when bought from environmentally conscious companies.
Responsible Consumers 66%
Americans would purchase a product from a company, if it advocated for a specific issue they cared about.
Conscious Consumers 87%