Our Approach

At Snowball Print Marketing Inc. we think about our commitment to doing business responsibly as a small part of a larger and growing movement. We see our unique print business operations as being demonstrative of how the print industry could operate. We hope to lead by example, impacting our partners and setting new operational standards in print. This is our mission and the Snowball Effect that we wish to create.

Our Commitment

We want to make a difference and have a commitment to transform the print marketplace. Our focus is our People, Profit, and Planet Supply Chain. We commit to sourcing the highest Post Consumer Waste recycled content in all the materials we source. Our supply chain is working towards Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Certification and or ranked among Canopy’s Blueline Ranking. This guarantees print solutions sourced through Snowball Print Marketing Inc. will be accountable, ethical, and responsible. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to Give Something Back, 3% of our profits will support Non-Profit Organizations with a focus on women empowerment, forest conservation, and renewable energy.


Katrina Shaw

Founder & CEO
AKA – PM Guru, Chief Tea-Maker and an all around nice person

Katrina knows print. She actually thinks she may have ink in those veins of hers. Her career began in print execution back in London 20 years ago. She worked her way up through client services, sales, client management and operations to manage a global spend upwards of $50M annually. She is a hands-on leader with an impeccable track record and over her tenure she has developed innovative print solutions for some of the biggest names in Tech. These solutions have driven impactful, innovative operational and financial optimization for her clients.

Jenny Dela Cruz

Co-Founder & COO 
AKA – The Green Queen, Energizer Bunny, and Genuine Tree-Hugger

Jenny brings over 15 years of print experience to the table. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a bachelor’s degree in Print Management, Jenny gathered her experience through print production, vendor management, and strategic sourcing. She developed a passion for Sustainability and applied that passion to her work in print and completing her certificate in Business Sustainability Management from CU Boulder. She has become an expert at focusing her print and marketing solutions to protect natural resources. She is a driven, self-motivated leader with passion and purpose at her core.