Then & Now: Paper Supply Chain

As business owners, we grapple with how to mitigate the impacts we have on the environment. Integrating sustainability into the fabric of your business is an integral part. Snowball Print Marketing does have an impact on forests. We print and mail direct marketing pieces which directly connect us to paper/trees. Forests are our focus. The paper industry since COVID has completely flipped on its head. Since the inception of Snowball in 2018, in the first year of business, we were able to print 95% of all products on 100% Post-Consumer Waste paper. This was achievable by working directly with the mills and committing to large volumes. Snowball is certified Ancient Forest Friendly, which aligns with our sustainability commitments like our Eco-Paper Procurement Policy. Our intention from inception is to act responsibly. Our main focus is working with papers from the Eco Paper Database and choosing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification as a baseline for all of our paper choices.  

Now let’s fast forward to today, where our direct relationships with the mills still allow us a limited allocation of 100% PCW stock, while others struggle to gain access.  The increased cost of paper is the only constant we know in the print industry. As Printing United Alliance states, “supply chain disruptions continue to be a major issue for the printing industry, creating increased costs, unpredictable workflows, and pressure on margins.”

When you work with Snowball there are strategies we offer that can lessen the impact. As we navigate the ever-changing paper supply chain issues, we are constantly building new relationships, working on supply chain solutions, and strengthening our current partnerships. 

Written by: Jenny Dela Cruz


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