Resume Renewal

It is that time of year when you set goals and look ahead to plan for the future. Intentionality is defined as thefact of being deliberate or purposeful; the quality of mental states (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes) that consists in their being directed toward some object or state of affairs. states, “January and February are usually the busiest times of year for hiring, as most employers have fresh budgets. This year, many companies plan to reorganize as the pandemic continues to reshape the work landscape.”

Whether you’re looking to change roles within a company, searching for a new job, or re-entering the workforce after a pandemic-related pause, at some point you will need to deal with your résumé. Women, in particular, can benefit from giving their résumés a makeover.

Think of your résumé as a conversation starter. Imagine you are telling a story about your journey and not just bullet points. Each of us has multiple strengths, but focus on the one you are most proud of and pertains to the job you are applying for. When I am reading a résumé, I love to see career progression and further their experience or responsibility within a company. 

Another area of focus is impact. We all have an impact and it may be hard to quantify what that is. Take time on this step as it is critical and helps tell your story. As a woman, this is an area where we need to focus. It is ok to round up and slightly increase the impact. Ladies, men have no issue with overstating their accomplishments. Questions to ask yourself: What process did I improve? Did I increase savings or sales? Did I make better buying decisions? 

2020-2022 presented some obstacles. If life threw you a curveball, it is all in how you present yourself. Be transparent if you were home during that time or needed time off.  Each of us has a story. Future employers will appreciate your honesty and it will go a long way. 

Finally,  putting yourself first and focusing on intentionality will help you whether it is for applying for a new position or moving up within an organization. Set high goals and go for it! If COVID taught us anything, trust your passion and purpose and you can blaze a trail. The world is your oyster, so best of luck in your future endeavors. 

Written by: Jenny Dela Cruz