5 Tools to avoid making the most common mistakes in Direct Mail

We’ve all received them – the direct mail pieces that are bloated with tiny copy (I don’t have time to read this), that use vague copy with no direction (I don’t understand this), that have no visible CTA (I don’t know what to do with this).  So, how can we avoid the most common mistakes in direct mail?

Have a clear, compelling offer and present it early

“The typical prospect reads for five seconds before he decides whether to continue reading or throw your mailing in the trash” – Leo Bott, Jr.

Start your mail pieces with your strongest offer.  Reference it in your subheads, the last paragraph, and, if you have one, the postscript.  Don’t be afraid to use words proven to be powerful incentives:  “free” or “no obligation.  

Employ a strong CTA

Provide your audience a method/instruction to get in on the offer: QR codes, URLs, phone numbers.  Accompany those with language like “sign up for a free trial” or add a time-sensitive action “Call before x/xx/xxxx” or “Open Now.”

Personalize your mailing

If your mailing list contains a company name, or even better, a contact name, use it at the beginning and throughout the mail piece.  Repeat personalization can lead to increased loyalty and engagement.  

Make your piece stand out 

If you’re mailing a postcard, consider making it an oversized postcard that will be larger than other pieces in the mailbox.  If you’re concerned about cost, keep it between 4” x 6” and 6.125” x 11.5” to mail at a letter rate.  

Add a different textured coating to one side of your mailing piece – the sense of feel is a powerful way to make your piece stand out in the mailbox.  Add a Soft Touch coating to make your piece feel more luxe.

Add some sort of involvement device – a perfed area with a tab that can be lifted up to reveal an offer is a great method to involve the reader. 

Clean your mailing list  

You don’t want to waste money mailing to a person or company that no longer operates at the address given in your mailing list.  CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System”) and NCOA (National Change of Address) are useful tools to ensure your message is reaching the intended recipient.  

By incorporating some or all of these simple steps, your mail campaign can help get you the results you’re after. Contact us at info@snowballpm.com if you want us to help you with your next campaign!

Written by: Becky Cochran